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<br>Wheels Service.</br>

Wheels Service.

More space in your garage, fewer problems following a breakdown and a change of tyres with no need for an appointment and no waiting: Discover all the advantages of the services that we provide for your wheels and tyres.

Tyre Service.

Change of tyres with no need for an appointment. With lots of expertise.

Your benefits

  • Safe.
    Thanks to modern fitting equipment and trained service personnel.
  • Simple, flexibel and fast.
    Thanks to immediate fitting and Express Service. Even without an appointment.
  • Practical and cost-efficient in the long term.
    36 months' warranty on new tyres.

Our services

To ensure that you can drive more safely as soon as spring temperatures arrive, we will change your tyres in an exceptionally fast and straightforward manner – with an appointment, or with no prior notice and no waiting in the Express Service. Do you need new tyres? We will help you to find the right model. Including 36 months' tyre warranty and immediate fitting.


Wheel Storage Service.

Great convenience. Small price.

Your benefits

  • Optimal for your tyres.
    Thanks to professional, cool, dark and dry storage.
  • For more safety.
    With a tread check and rebalancing on request.
  • Convenient.
    No need to lug tyres around.

Our services

Make space in your garage: through our Wheel Storage Service. We will store your tyres professionally, in a cool, dark and dry environment. What is more, we will check their tread at the same time and rebalance them, so you will be safely back on the road come the new season – without having to lug tyres around with you.


All about your wheels and tyres.

Your tyres are your only link with the road. Discover here how to remain particularly well-grounded with the right model, the correct air pressure, tread and much more.

Quality and premium tyres in our offering.


Express Service.

Maximum quality in no more than one hour.

Cool. Dark. Snug.

The perfect winter or summer storage for your tyres. <br><br> Despite their thick layer of rubber, your tyres are very sensitive. They don't like it too warm, nor too humid, nor too bright... That’s important when you are looking for a suitable winter or summer storage location.


Volkswagen Tyre Warranty.

Full protection for 36 months and not one euro extra.

Even if you have a flat tyre, you will soon be back on the road again and at low cost with the Volkswagen Tyre Warranty. It covers damage caused by sharp objects, kerbs or even vandalism. 36 months and not one euro extra if you buy new tyres or complete wheel sets.