, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

<br>Service App.</br>

Volkswagen Service App.

Get numerous Volkswagen Service offers and practical functions for travelling on your smartphone – with the Volkswagen Service App.


Your reliable companion on the road.

The Service App helps you with numerous practical functions – no matter whether you are looking for a Volkswagen Partner close to you, want to get back to your parking space or need assistance with an accident. Furthermore, you always have the most important information on all aspects of your Volkswagen to hand and are sure not to miss any attractive Service and Genuine Parts offer any more.


Mobile phone adapter from Volkswagen Accessories.

Well connected on the road.<br><br>Your mobile always in view and no more empty batteries after long journeys: You can use the Volkswagen Genuine mobile adapter to connect your mobile simply to your Volkswagen's hands-free kit and charge it at the same time.


Volkswagen Emergency Service.

Accident or breakdown? The App allows you to contact our Emergency Service quickly and conveniently. You can send your details and your location directly via SMS.


Volkswagen Partner search.

Find a Volkswagen Partner very close to you, with contact details, a description of the route and current Service Offers.


Volkswagen Customer Care.

Do you have a question or a problem or would you like to find out more about a topic? Just call our Customer Care or send us an email.


Parking space marker.

Store your parking space, set a timer and take photographs and notes. You will then be sure to find your Volkswagen quickly again – before the parking meter runs out.


Warning symbols.

Is a warning light suddenly illuminated on your dashboard? Look in your Volkswagen Service App under "Warning Symbols" to find out what to do.



Useful both privately and for work: Record your business or private trips.


My car.

Store the most important matters relating to your vehicle. This will enable you to send your details quickly to our Emergency Service in an emergency.


Interesting offers.

New winter tyres, wiper blades or an inexpensive safety check. In your App, you will find everything that is currently on offer. And, of course, a Volkswagen Partner very near to you.