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<br>Roadside Assistance.</br>

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance: 0800-VWSERVICE / 0800-897378423 Abroad: 00800-VWSERVICE / 00800-897378423 or 0049-5361-2759999.


Accident and Breakdown Guide.

What should you do or not do in the event of an accident or a breakdown and what are you entitled to? Our guide will quickly put you in the picture and ensure that you are always on the safe side.


Assistance with an accident.

Convenience and protection – you can rely on that with your Volkswagen. Even if, despite all precautions and quality, something does happen occasionally, we are there for you with our services covering all aspects of accidents: directly on site, assisting with insurance formalities and with expert repairs.


Volkswagen Service App.

Keeps you on top of things if you have an accident.

Take a deep breath in the event of an accident or breakdown, quickly open the Volkswagen Service App and contact our Volkswagen Emergency Service directly. One click and the app automatically sends your details and your location to us via SMS. This enables us to help you even faster.