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<br>Engine Oil & Fluids.</br>

Engine Oil & Fluids.

From engine performance through to braking force: Our Genuine Engine Oils and the right Operating Fluids enable your Volkswagen to achieve peak performance.


Engine Oil.

Technologie mit Umweltschutzfaktor

The right oil is like a liquid component, providing an ideal complement to your engine, protecting it and making peak performance possible. Discover here how to find the right engine oil, what grades there are and how to interpret the abbreviations.   



AdBlue®  improves your ”green“ credentials on the road. The most important reasons for this, which models use AdBlue® and how to top up AdBlue® are provided here in black and white.   


Operating Fluids.

They protect your engine against rust, heat and limescale, transfer braking force, keep your visibility free and the air cleaner... In short, nothing works without them. Discover Volkswagen Genuine Operating Fluids.