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<br>Driving abroad.</br>

Driving abroad.

Safety and driving enjoyment across borders: Our information and services relating to all aspects of your travel will enable you to be as safe on the road abroad as you are at home.

An entire continent at a glance.

Traffic knowledge relating to Europe. <br> <br> Tolls, Clear Zones or special traffic regulations. With our traffic knowledge for on the road, you are prepared for virtually everything in EU countries. After all, there are more pleasant surprises when travelling.

Safely flexible throughout the world.

Volkswagen VISA Card mobil with Travel Insurance Package.


Volkswagen Service App.

Your clever travel companion.
  • Find a Service Partner
  • Record and share trips
  • Volkswagen Emergency Service
  • Note parking space

Volkswagen Emergency Service.

Always there for you, even abroad.

Everything under control even in the event of an accident abroad. We have summarised the most important steps for you so that you will soon be back safely on the road.