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<br>Winter & Summer Tyres. </br>

Winter & Summer Tyres.

Even with the best tyres, you will only have a safer driving experience if they fit the season. Ultimately, they are your direct contact with the road – which is sometimes freezing cold, sometimes baking hot.


Volkswagen Winter and Summer Complete Wheels.

Wheels that you can rely on.

Your benefits

  • More safety.
    Better grip. Shorter braking distance.
  • Keep longer.
    Around 6 years of use, 45,000 km.
  • For a higher resale value.
    Well looked-after, they increase the resale value of your Volkswagen.
  • High-quality design.
    Thanks to Volkswagen Genuine Rims – ranging from sporty through to elegant.
  • Practical and economical.
    By changing the entire wheel, you can optimise the durability of your tyres.

Product information

Your Volkswagen's wheels are crucial to your driving safety – and for the entire visual appearance of the vehicle. You can rely on winter and summer wheel assemblies from Volkswagen Accessories.


Less than 7 degrees?

Time for winter tyres.

The general rule is: You should be driving with winter tyres in wintry weather. Otherwise, you risk a fine of up to 80 euro, having a penalty point recorded at Flensburg and – most important – your safety. Our recommendation: Change to winter tyres as soon as temperatures fall below 7 °C.    

More grip. Shorter braking distance.

Lower accident risk. <br> <br></br> Why should you switch to winter tyres? Quite simple: They ensure that you have more grip, your braking distance is shorter and hence your risk of accident is lower at below 7 °C – no matter whether it is snowing or raining.



Winter Tyres.

Developed for ice and snow. Your winter tyres give their all to enable you to arrive in a relaxed frame of mind during cold times of the year: They dissipate water, grip in snow and remain flexible – even if the road has long been frozen.


Snow chains from Volkswagen Accessories.

Winter under control in no time at all.

Labelling of winter tyres.

Summer Tyre.

Leaves heat cold. <br><br>Clear: You need to switch to winter tyres. They ensure more safety – but only in winter. As soon as temperatures rise above 7 °C, summer tyres are the clear winners. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Wheel and Tyre Financing.

Pay for safety in small instalments.

No longer any reason to be on the road with the wrong tyres: Volkswagen Bank’s ? Tyre and Wheel Financing enables you to pay for your new winter or summer tyres in 24 to 36 months – simply and conveniently. Ask your Volkswagen Partner about the current terms and conditions.  


In general:

  • from an annual percentage rage of 6.9 % (borrowing rate from 6.69 %)
  • provided net loan of 500 up to €4,000
  • with a maturity of 24 to 36 months

An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH.


Example financing*
Finance amount/net loan €
Down payment
24 months
Debit interest (fixed)
6.69 %
Annual percentage rate
6.90 %
Total amount
Monthly rate

* This offer exclusively applies to Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Gifhorner Straße 57, 38112 Braunschweig.


Tyre Service.

Wheel change without an appointment.
With a great deal of expertise.

The Tyre Service: inexpensive and almost as quick as you can say start of summer or winter. We change your tyres – with an appointment, or without any prior notice or waiting in the Express Service. And if you need new tyres, we will find the right model for you. Including a 36-month Tyre Warranty and immediate fitting.


Wheel Storage Service.

Great convenience.
Small price.

The ideal storage place for your winter and summer tyres is cool, dark and dry. Preferably not your garage? No problem: We will store your tyres for you, will also check their tread and re-balance them. And this will mean that you save a bit of space and don’t need to lug tyres around.